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Opla is the magic that happens when Artificial Intelligence meets Volcanos

Opla is an Open Source software that gives everyone the opportunity to create conversational robots, or chatbots, then to train them from A to Z without coding. The result is a very specialized virtual assistant – virtual expert – that helps users perform better and save time. Our team expertise fits perfectly with the digital transformation of the biggest companies, by making their teams able to build useful and transparent interfaces to automate repetitive and complex tasks, a process better known as RPA (Robotic Processing Automatization). The software was coded and developed entirely by us, including more than two years of R&D, for being able to offer valuable features plus independency and agility.

Porteur(s) du projet

Marie DORANGE Co-founder & CEO Creative designer and entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of her web agency during 6 years. Before Art Director in communication agencies for 15 years. Mik BRY Co-founder & CTO Hacker, developer and entrepreneur. Previously founder & CEO of his IT innovation with a team of 10 during 17 years. Worked with Loic Le Meur and various startups in the Silicon Valley.

Génèse du projet

The nature is known as the best inspiration source ever for artists, and it can be too for software creators! It was first by observing amazing dogs called "border collies" working hard in the most clever manner to organize hundreds of sheeps for their shepherd that Marie and Mik realized that every worker should have a smart and devoted assistant to perform better. That’s how they decided to create Opla, so everyone could tailor their virtual assistants exactly the way they want.

Objectifs avec Le Bivouac

Enjoy a huge growth and acceleration in the long term. Create connections and generate opportunities for contributing to the enforcement of the French Startup Ecosystem.

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Our own AI, Natural Language Processing solution makes Opla an independent and powerful solution.

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Opla !

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